Who is this guy again?

Me and my boy, Carson. I know, it looks like we’re lost in the desert. No comment.

My name is Doug Irby. When I turned 40, I discovered I needed to get in shape. Hugh Jackman’s shape would be good, I thought. So, at 44 I started running. I’m now [command error] and run 3-4 half marathons a year along with some shorter races with my two boys, Parker and Carson. Yes, I’ve done the marathon thing. It was wonderful when I crossed the finish line. “Yay!” I said as my family cheered, quickly followed by, “Ow, that hurts, what the hell?” So, we’ll say I’m done with those for now. Never say never, though.

I live in the Phoenix area and work in advertising. Most of what I do is graphic design during the day, but at night when the coyotes yip and the gnats buzz your ears, I don the tights and earbuds and run around the neighborhood singing Thunderstruck at the top of my lungs. I also brew my own beer (save your bottles, please).

My loving and beautiful wife tolerates me and encouraged me to start a blog years ago (I’m sure it was just busy work), but I thought, well, my life just wasn’t that interesting. Sure, to me it’s a tale of adventure or at least a beer commercial, but… eh, who would read it.

Then a few years ago, I joined an online Holiday Challenge group for runners. It was a forum for runners to encourage and motivate each other through the Holidays. He-he, these poor strangers will have to suffer through my lame jokes and goofy shoe stories. However, we members grew so close that we didn’t want it to end, so the site continues year round. Those lovely souls made the mistake of encouraging me to share my stories (why should they suffer alone, afterall). Cheers to Coach Jenny’s Challenge Group! You people are awesome!

So this is a web log simply to share some humor and observations from a back-of-the-packer (not unusual for the race directors to tell me to turn off the lights when I’m done). I’m not out to break any records, just to have fun and spread some smiles.



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