Head for the Hills!

What’s going on here?! I said in my head as I transitioned from warmup trot to what was supposed to be an easy three mile run. Did I hit a patch of quicksand? Is there a headwind? Maybe I’m having a stroke. I panicked and looked at my wrist to check that the RoadID bracelet was still there then began muttering the alphabet to see if I was slurring my speech. Nope. It was one of those runs that told me, in my eagerness, I had overdone my training after the summer break and needed a rest day.

Now, I have quite a few races under my belt from mile dash to marathon, but they are all road races. So when I looked at the Ragnar Trails suggested training plan, I thought, Is this right? This isn’t bad at all! And I went from running twice a week (although my wife would argue it wasn’t that much) to four times a week including a trail – and a steep one at that. Oh, I’ll be ready for Ragnar in two weeks at this rate! as I huffed and puffed up a little stretch of wilderness. People cleared a path for me as I came through, knowing I meant business. Or, it could have been the crazy look in my eyes. No matter.

Mondays are tempo days, and here I go off plan, preferring instead to use Coach Jenny’s Fat Blasters. They get me energized. Are they supposed to do that? Wonder if I’m doing it right. Anyway, Tuesdays are Active Rest days which, I think, means working the recliner several times during each commercial break. Although, I’ve discovered that doesn’t trip the step-o-meter so I’ve been doing stairs at work. They’re a lot harder than the recliner and I’m not so sure they qualify as active “rest”.

Wednesdays are hill days which I’m pretty sure have exacerbated the problem. I love getting out on the trails, particularly a new group of trails 10 miles down the road where there is no entry fee, yet. Yes, I’m cheap. Only thing is, those trails are a lot steeper. Cheaper and steeper. And… I was already running (I use the term loosely) those trails on weekends.

So, you see where this is going. Add to that an easy run on Thursdays, cross-training on Fridays and another long run on the weekend. With all that, I figure I should be down to a baby elephant by now. Or at least a contender for the recliner olympics. Alas, my body rebelled. Stop! my body parts yelled to my brain on the evening three miler. You’re asking too much of us. We can’t run another day in this heat AND digest those meatballs you had for dinner. They’re like lead bingo balls bouncing around in there. Mercy!

Me looking confused.
barrel cactus
Barrel Cactus about to bloom.

It breaks my heart, but starting this week, I am relegating my trail runs to Wednesdays only. It’s tough with the sun setting earlier now, but Ragnar is run at night as well. Just not sure I want to do that alone. Besides, don’t you need a flashing vest and shoe bells or something? All in good time.

Lesson for this blog is to rein back on the trails and listen to my body – as annoying as that can sometimes be.

iSound BT Earbuds
iSound Bluetooth earbuds. Nice and lightweight. Any bets on how long they last?

On a side note, I did finally get some Bluetooth earbuds. I got mid-level ones because, one, I’m cheap, and two, they will eventually end up going through the laundry in my shorts pocket. In fact, I woke up at 5 o’clock this morning thinking about them and checked the washing machine. Yes, they were in my shorts pocket. Fortunately, the machine had not started yet. Whew!

Cool runnings, my friends!

Just like this pic of my boy, Carson, cheering on the Diamondbacks against the Reds last Friday. They won, too!

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