Another Day, Another Chance

youth forever xoungYou know, the runs after a half marathon (that doesn’t sound right) are the most enjoyable for me because they are easy, not pushed, and I feel like I could go forever (still doesn’t sound right). My focus isn’t on pace or heart rate and I can simply enjoy being outside.

Last night, I ran just a couple of miles under a gorgeous golden moon. It was low in the sky and filled the horizon (Google Grand Lunar Illusion). The city lights were brilliant, the cool breeze brought fresh floral scents and my knees cracked like gunshots. Thus, reminding me that I need to wade into 50k training slowly and gradually, incorporating more cross training than I normally do (which is none).

The race I have picked out is in early December 2016 so the actual training plan won’t begin until mid-June, when kids here have fun cooking eggs on the sidewalk. That gives me over four months to drop the thirty pounds I have worked tirelessly to gain over the last 20 years. Piece of cake. (Maybe that’s a poor choice of words.)

Now, my wife and I are alike in many ways. We are both creative, have a strong faith, like bright shiny objects and love ice cream. But we also have some obvious differences. I like to focus on one thing at a time – do it, check it off the list and move on. She’s more like a circus acrobat – juggling flaming bills, walking the school board high wire without a net, and dodging poison-tipped webmaster darts all at the same time. Admittedly, she is good at it and our household, and dare I say the school, would not function smoothly without her.

I like movies. She would rather watch a tv show. But even then, she is also working on a Sudoku puzzle or coloring in a book. However, there is one thing that gets her full uninterrupted attention… Downton Abbey. To me, that show is as boring as a whale turd. But while she’s watching it, don’t make a sound.

“Honey, I lost my eye in a paper clip accident at work today.”

“SSHHHHHH!! Mr. Carson is about to propose to Mrs. Hughes!”

So with my organizational fanaticism, I am glad to have a lot of time to prepare for this 50k race. I’ve finally gotten my mind wrapped around it and am slowly getting my body used to the idea. First my weight, then my training.

Red VinesYesterday was my first attempt at eating healthier and smaller portions. A yogurt, apple and coffee for breakfast. Yes, there was cream – let’s not go crazy yet. I walked into work and someone had put a big five pound bucket of Red Vines on a hutch near my desk. My brain and stomach argued: “They’re fat free!” “But they’re all sugar!” “But they’re fat free. Just one… or two…” Someone asked if I was ok because I stood there so long. In the end I resisted, and today I have a little R2-D2 container full of Trident gum to help combat any temptations.

Lunch was green beans, a plain hamburger patty, two little oranges and an apple.

The boys and I made tacos for dinner with turkey, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. I had four of them because I was starving after that light lunch and no snack. Then, after the boys were in bed and my wife fell asleep on the couch (clutching the tv remote), I had a bowl of ice cream.

Then came a wave of guilt. Oh man! All that hard work throughout the day and a run in the evening to help burn calories and I blew it at the end! What’s worse is that when she fell asleep, we were watching The Biggest Loser! Have you learned nothing, Doug?

Today is another chance. A light breakfast and a salad from the store for lunch. Think I’ll pick up something healthy to snack on (if something exists that is also tasty). A sensible dinner followed by another run then EARLY TO BED. May tell my wife to hide the spoons because I have been known to sleepeat.



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